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6 Practical Tips to Improve Your Texting on Dating Apps in 2024

Texting is still the most challenging part of online dating in 2024. You may have a stellar dating app profile, only for every opening line to be greeted with silence. Here are 6 proven tips to help you navigate dating app texting.

1 Text less, cut to the chase

If you are not a big fan of texting, the statistics may be on your side! 

62% of dating app users say that they are ready to go on a real life date after just three days of in-app texting, according to a survey. Another study found that individuals who engaged in more than 34 messages prior to the first date reported lower levels of satisfaction with their date. In other words - more texting is not necessarily a good thing!

If you feel an initial connection with your match after a brief chat, don’t be afraid to ask them out directly! Even better, DayOne Dating App is designed to help cut out the tedious “texting to know you” part of the online dating journey. Download DayOne now through this link and find out who wants to meet!

2 Not sure how to start? Try asking for advice

It makes people feel special to receive a personalized message related to their profile. Other than a witty opening line, or even a compliment, a simple way to show interest is by asking for advice based on their profile.

If they love food, ask them for restaurant recommendations, or ask about their secret recipe. If they’re into music, arts, or movies, ask them about what’s happening around town. This type of opening line not only shows that you have read their profile and share some common interests, but it also gives them an opportunity to share their knowledge and help out. Who knows, you may even be able to propose a fun date out of their response!

3 This or That question

Questions that are overly generic (e.g. “How’s your weekend?”) or demand yes/no answers are a big no-no for dating app texting. To spice up your texts and keep things interesting, try playing the “This or That” game. 

Here are some examples:

  • Would you rather go on a date with a weird person, or at a weird place?

  • Do you prefer to stay-in or go clubbing on Friday nights?

  • What makes you more nervous - first date or job interview?

  • Harry Potter or Home Alone?

“This or that” questions keep the conversation open-ended enough to get to know each other a bit better, but not so vague that the other person struggles to respond. Just be careful not to turn your conversation into an interrogation - use “This or That” questions sparingly, and make sure to give a thoughtful response to your own question too!

4 Keep it short and sweet

Sometimes, long texts can scare away your match. Messages within 20 words are much easier to read and respond to.

5 Get small yes 

Getting small yes is a technique widely used in the business negotiation world - if you get a small yes first, it is easier to get a big yes. 

Try getting a small yes via texting, such as exchanging phone numbers, before taking things further - it will give both parties the confidence that there is mutual interest involved before meeting in real life. 

You only need one or two “yes” to build up the momentum - and don’t forget the key part is to ask the person out for a date!

6 Just imagine you are talking to a friend

Sometimes we are not ourselves when texting on dating apps, simply because we like the person and have built up expectations in our own head. It’s much easier to get through texting on dating apps if you simply treat it like texting a friend.

Would you get mad if your friend skips your text message from time to time? Probably not, as you’d understand that they’re simply busy or it’s just their texting style. Would you bombard your friend with non-stop messages when they don’t respond? Would you send a long monologue to your friend about your hopes and ambitions?

Once we’re able to stay calm and stop overthinking while texting, it’s much easier to be ourselves and avoid becoming that overly intense or creepy dating app texter.

Be Yourself and Have a Good Time!

At the end of the day, texting on dating apps doesn’t have to be a painful experience. These 6 tips are well tested to help you master texting in online dating. More importantly, these tips are there to help get you through the texting phase, and into the dating phase! Just remember to stay true to yourself, and have a great time!

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